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(Approved by Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment)

Kanapu is a Māori-led initiative on a mission to ignite Research, Science and Innovation (RSI) talent and leadership across Te Ao Māori. Māori researchers, scientists and knowledge-holders are fundamental to a vibrant RSI system but the evidence shows Māori in various spaces and disciplines are largely undervalued and unsupported.

Kanapu – which means lightning or instantaneous glow – seeks to strike at the obstacles that block Māori pathways into the RSI system. Existing professional development and leadership programmes do not address the unique needs and aspirations of the Māori RSI workforce, nor do they offer fit for purpose training strategies and learning solutions. The RSI system is also fragmented, making it challenging for Māori communities, businesses and organisations to connect with the right people to meet their own research needs and aspirations.

Underpinned by Māori values, Kanapu will develop a suite of initiatives to connect, attract, nurture and accelerate Māori talent and leadership. Kanapu will also leverage existing and new technologies to develop tools and strategies that make it easier for Māori to navigate and participate in the RSI system, and generate and derive greater benefit and impact.

Designed and led by Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga Māori Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE), Kanapu is funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to connect and nurture a diverse puna (pool) of Māori talent in the wider RSI system and expand the impact of Vision Mātauranga.

Over six years Kanapu will work with Māori researchers, scientists and knowledge holders to design bespoke initiatives to meet the programme’s goals to:

  • strengthen connections between the RSI system and hapū, iwi and Māori communities
  • support Māori scientists, researchers and knowledge holders to thrive as Māori within the RSI system
  • provide opportunities for Māori scientists, researchers and knowledge holders to access the right resources and supports to develop their talent and leadership skills

leverage and develop customized tools and resources to RSI system navigation.