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Te Kaupapa | About

Kanapu is a six year programme that will work with Māori researchers, scientists, innovators, and knowledge-holders to design unique initiatives to meet Māori aspirations and build a vibrant RSI system.

Strengthen connections between Māori researchers, scientists, innovators and knowledge-holders

Whakapapa and whenua is a delicate weave of strands that stands the test of time and whanaungatanga which makes us unique and binds us together. These connections are rohe to rohe; kaupapa to kaupapa; generation to generation; mātauranga Māori within rohe, and connections to other science expressions.

Support Māori scientists, researchers, innovators, and knowledge-holders to thrive as Māori by providing opportunities to access the right resources and supports to develop their talent and leadership skills

Kanapu primarily uplifts activities and aspirations ‘at place’ within whānau, marae, hapū and rohe, but also considers uri who are repatriating to their whakapapa rights. Kanapu dynamically supports the development of communities and individuals in their chosen spaces across the motu whether that is at your marae, in an office, on the land or in a laboratory.

Leverage and develop customised tools and resources to support thriving Māori within and across the RSI system

Kanapu will champion Māori models of leadership and promote opportunities for Māori to lead on our own terms. Few of the current professional development and leadership programmes address the unique needs and aspirations of the Māori RSI workforce. Kanapu will assist in the development of fit for purpose training strategies and learning solutions for Māori communities, businesses and organisations to connect with the right people to meet their own research needs and aspirations.

Hikohiko te uira – Connect:

  • with mātanga at the forefront of kaupapa Māori initiatives driven by mātauranga Māori concepts
  • with other Māori working in different spaces to share learnings
  • to understand big picture RSI-related trends for te ao Māori
  • to harness our combined ao Māori brilliance in research, science and innovation to have the skills, talents and leadership to thrive in an increasingly turbulent and changing world

Papā te whatitiri – Retain:

  • explore what Māori workforce development could look like, feel like
  • consider how we can enable kaimahi Māori to thrive in their area of mahi and not leave prematurely due to burnout, cultural double shifts or lack of funding
  • consider strategies to embrace your authentic Māori self
  • protect matauranga Māori and honour our traditional knowledge holders, exercising rangatiratanga over our taonga

I kanapu ki te rangi –

  • explore what Māori models of leadership to champion and how these could inform, replace, displace current models based on ‘publish or perish’
  • unleash rangatahi brilliance in research, science and innovation in all spaces
  • demystify how to access and retain RSI funding and sustainable resourcing beyond the life of funding
  • learn from others who have been there and done that

Haruru ana te ao – Reverberate:

Our whakaaro expressed, our visions shared, reverberating throughout Aotearoa, and beyond. The fruits that will come, seeded at this Hui Hihiri will initiate further paradigm shifts, as barriers crumble and we mobilise together.

Koinei tātou e haruru ana. Torotika ki a Rangi i runga i ngā mātauranga o ngā tupuna… Kanapu te haere. Haruru ana te ao.